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What Cannabis Can Be: A Report by Diplomat Consulting

Last month, Token was asked to contribute to Diplomat Consulting's "What Cannabis Can Be," a report about the future of cannabis in the Canadian market. 

Last month, Token was asked to contribute to Diplomat Consulting‘s “What Cannabis Can Be,” a report about the future of cannabis in the Canadian market.

The report was created to help talk about the opportunity Canada and emerging markets have to use cannabis as an economic engine and agent of socio-political change. It touches on six key areas that are ripe for change as the Cannabis Act goes into regulatory review this upcoming year: History; Medicinal Cannabis; Ancillary Services; Culinary, Tourism & Hospitality; Agriculture & Sustainability; and Diversity.

Our CEO, Keenan Pascal, was invited to speak on the topic of diversity in the cannabis industry and how cannabis can be a force for good when it comes to implementing change.

“Within the broader industry context, when the focus of the industry shifted to diversity and inclusion of BIPOC communities, [Keenan] found that there was a lack of information flow around diversity and Black-owned businesses. Working with the cannabis community, he crowd-sourced information and helped create the Black Canadian Cannabis Network to start bringing those stories together, maintaining that knowledge is power.” – p. 21, “What Cannabis Can Be.”

As the report states, “regulatory changes that expedite and create space for representatives of marginalized communities can be made, and now is the time.” The Cannabis Act review is the perfect time to implement these meaningful changes. We’re looking forward to continuing these important conversations around diversity in the industry and to taking part in future initiatives to help move the industry forward in this regard.

Read the full report here or get in touch via Twitter or email.

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