Token Naturals is an independent Canadian cannabis company designed to deliver the positive potential of cannabis.

With roots in Alberta and an eye on the country, Token is 100% Canadian owned and operated. We support local and think big, looking forward to the expansion of the cannabis industry in the Great White North.

Currently, Token is a late-stage applicant with Health Canada, having cleared the security review under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Under legalized recreational cannabis, we will extract and refine cannabis oils in our 8,300 square foot extraction facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Token is a product development company at heart, ready to supply innovative products that all Canadians can enjoy.

We are scientifically driven, research crazy and forever curious about the needs and wants of the Canadian cannabis consumer. In our minds, cannabis is a conversation. We embrace feedback to help us create dependable experiences that will enhance wellbeing and lifestyle.

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the real deal. Until then, we are searching for the molecules that will pair best with high-quality cannabinoids. We’re taking the time to perfect our technology and the science of taste. One of the ways we are exploring flavour and innovation is through our Token Bitters line. Try our passion project while we prepare for the big show.