More Than a Plant

Token Naturals has emerged as one of Canada’s up and coming manufacturing companies by effectively deploying capital with an emphasis on high-quality products and lean operations.

Designed with the future in mind, our facility caters to the underserved cannabis manufacturing space with everything required to formulate, manufacture, package and ship cannabis products to retail stores across Canada. But we’ve built more than a facility: we’re gathering a top-notch team and building brands. Currently in our B Round fundraise, Token makes for a strategic investment in a well-timed and carefully planned venture. Reach out for more information about our current raise.

Our home base is an extraction and refinement facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Located on a 60,000 square foot lot, the facility is the most centrally-located cannabis processing facility in Edmonton, placed intentionally in an industrial area with lots of room to expand. The team members at Token combine their expertise in cannabis manufacturing, product development and sales and have successfully commercialized consumer packaged goods lines within and outside of Canada.

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