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Service Spotlight: Feasibility Reports

Looking to bring a new cannabis product to the Canadian market? Token Naturals offers a preliminary research service designed to assess the feasibility of your desired cannabis product.

Service Spotlight: Feasibility Reports

Looking to bring a new cannabis product to the Canadian market, but not sure how to begin the process? Don’t worry – you’re in good hands.

One of the first services that we get to offer is a preliminary research service provided by our science and compliance team. You know that product you’ve been thinking about bringing to market in Canada? They can assess the feasibility of that product, answering the first question you should ask: *can* I make this product for the Canadian market? Time is money, so let’s not waste yours developing a product that you later find out is not fiscally feasible or is illegal to sell under the Cannabis Act. Instead, our team will prepare a detailed report for each product or formulation you’d like to assess and will test out the logistical and compliant components of your concept so you have all the information before investing additional time and resources.


Report Contents

Thinking one step ahead

Each feasibility report contains a detailed research summary and regulatory compliance breakdown of your desired product and its formulation. Our team will take your product concept and desired specifications and return a detailed formulation research report to you within two to four weeks’ time.

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The report is presented in a professional scientific research summary. Our scientists do their due diligence to thoroughly investigate whether or not the product is compliant with Health Canada’s current cannabis rules and regulations. A simplified production process will be laid out for a suggested formulation. The report also outlines the initial financial costs associated with manufacturing your cannabis product and lays out suggested next steps, so you can make an informed decision before proceeding further.

Token is ready and waiting to kick off your cannabis journey, taking it from concept to realization. Want to get all set for the first step? Get in touch with our Sales Manager Darren here.

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