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Values Driving Value

Values Driving Value

Values Driving Value

As our company is about to begin expanding rapidly, the current Token team talked about how important it is to find team members that innately align with our core values and that have a full understanding of the group they will be joining.

When we laid out our values last year, the approach was important to us. Rather than setting aspirational goals, we took extra care to make sure that the values we defined were ones we were already living by. We looked at what forces were guiding our actions, which principles united us a team, and what really defined who we are as a company. We wanted those interested in the team to know who we are and what we are about, right now – not who we want to try to change ourselves into as we grow.

Of course, defining those values and calling them out challenges us to adhere to them on a day-to-day basis. We decided that these would be the principles that affect the way the company conducts business. When we make a new hire, when we plan an event, when we design our workspace, and as we seek market partners, we check in with ourselves and each other to see how our choices line up against the measuring stick of these values.


To those of you who know us or have worked with us, this won’t come as a surprise. We are extremely proud of and focused on our communities, whether they are groups bound by a region or a pack of like-minded people. Community building and enhancement is a priority and a passion. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.


And diversity! As a team, we’re made up of individuals from all backgrounds and demographics. One of the first things we did as a team was lay out an inclusion policy to make sure it was clear diversity is welcomed here. That isn’t just limited to demographics; when we look at partnerships, we seek a spread. We support the so-called little guys and love working with bigger corporations too. Why limit opportunity? The more varied the input, the more robust the output.


Admittedly, you see this one pop up frequently in company values. It’s only cliché if you don’t believe in it! We choose to do good business using the tools of honesty and respect. Results don’t have to come at the cost of integrity; a win just isn’t as satisfying if it was obtained in a way that feels unsavoury. Profitability can be (and is) garnered in a genuine way.


If you’re not adapting to surprise changes, you’re not flourishing in this business. We value the ability to adapt quickly, on an individual level and on an organizational level. If flexibility isn’t second nature by now, we’re not doing it right. Gotta catch those curveballs and keep moving forward.


New tech is cool, and new science is particularly awesome. But innovation extends beyond that and into creative approaches. Just because it’s always been done one way doesn’t mean that’s the best way to do it. Is there a better way? A quicker way? A smarter way? We try to apply innovation to tackling challenges, seeking new and creative solutions to get over hurdles.

Of course, this extends to classic science – innovation is always in mind for product development and creation.


Perhaps less of a value, and more a way of life. This company is driven by people, which means we are people first. Yes, there is business to be done (and done well), but work and play can and will co-exist. We hope you see us as friendly, approachable sorts who live and work through a light-hearted lens. After all, there are good times to be had. What are we waiting for?

– Team Token