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The Importance of Inclusion

The Importance of Inclusion

The Importance of Inclusion

Recently, the 2018-2019 Alberta budget was released. While this budget addresses the awaited cannabis tax framework, it also outlines enhanced diversity and inclusion credits. The fiscal stance the government has taken towards diversity is yet another proof point that Alberta is the perfect place for a cannabis company like Token to be doing business.

In 2018-2019, companies employing workers from under-represented groups will enjoy diversity and inclusion credit enhancements. The incentive to create and invest in companies who showcase diversity and inclusion is threaded throughout 2018’s provincial tax credits, but is best demonstrated in the updated Alberta Investment Tax Credit (AITC) framework. For those unfamiliar with it, AITC provides a 30% tax credit to investors who make equity investments in Alberta businesses that undertake research, development or commercialization. Under the 2018-2019 budget, these investors will be eligible to receive an additional 5% credit if they invest in businesses that meet diversity and inclusion criteria. Similarly, the Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC) includes a measure of diversity within the scoring system to determine credit eligibility. Companies that can show their inclusion gain more points, and therefore have a higher likelihood of being awarded the credit.

Token is proud to be an organization that champions diversity. We’re made up of individuals from all backgrounds and demographics. Gender, race, sexual orientation, lifestyle, location, interests, educational background – we’re covering the range. To be clear, our team is first and foremost hired based on talent, experience and potential. But when we found like-minded people with similar mindsets and values who were from completely different backgrounds, we quickly saw the benefits of gathering folks from different strokes. We are proud of the diversity of opinion and thought we have throughout our company. It might result in some spirited debate, but we can always feel confident we’ve covered the spectrum of perspectives which results in great synergies and creativity.  As a company, we are committed to creating an equitable industry that is inclusive and responsible, which we think will lead to sustainable success. This is especially important in cannabis in Canada, which found much of its roots in traditionally under-represented populations. This newly forming industry offers a unique opportunity to get it right from the get go when it comes to who is participating.

To keep it up, we made sure to reach out to organizations representing minority groups when seeking summer students to hire. We’re looking forward to expanding our team and our voices.

Token has an official inclusion policy to continually remind us of our values in all hiring and partnership decisions. I’ve included it below, and you can find it on our website.


Token Naturals Ltd. is proud to be an organization that champions diversity. As a company, we are committed to creating an equitable industry that is inclusive and responsible, which we believe will lead to success and sustainability.

Our team is made up of a range of visible minorities, sexual orientations, and genders. We value a range of opinions, perspectives and experiences.

We welcome and actively seek talent within all members of underrepresented groups. We encourage prospective employees to self-identify status during the application process.

Token proudly works with community partners representing minority groups. These partnerships deepen our commitment and connections to visible minorities and immigrant populations.