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Press Roundup – April 2021

A roundup of Token Naturals’ media coverage over the past month with top takeaways.

Press Roundup – April 2021

Here’s the buzz about Token in the industry over the past month.

At the end of April, Keenan joined a conversation with Shaye Ganam from 630 ChedIf you didn’t have a chance to listen in, you can at the link above.   

Here are our top takeaways from the interview: 

1. Innovation and a skilled workforce have put Alberta in a good position coming out of the pandemic.  

In the interview, Keenan shares his positive sentiment around innovation in our province. “There’s a lot of skilled talent eager to get back to work in Alberta. With the pandemic, there’s also been a real focus on supporting local & manufacturing local.”  

Keenan highlights the importance of keeping skilled workers in Alberta, pointing to the uptick in manufacturing jobs that brings great promise for the growth of Alberta’s workforce.  

“Bringing investment back to Alberta in terms of getting startup capital and funding is massive for the growth of the economy.” 

2. Collaboration is key. 

Token was in a fortunate position to continue our growth throughout the pandemic. This was made possible by working collaboratively with government and relief programs and keeping lines of communication open and flowing.  

“Coming out of the first year of the pandemic, our company doubled in size. We worked closely with the government and relief programs to continue growing our startup.” – Keenan Pascal, CEO 

Bringing back incentives for investors to Alberta has been key, and we’ve been working closely with the government to identify opportunities to cut back red tape and entice investors.

3. A new generation of cannabis products has arrived. 

While we still have a way to go, the stigma around cannabis consumption is slowly lifting. Thanks to new forms of cannabis 2.0” products emerging like topicals, oils, edibles and beverages, Canadians are beginning to view cannabis as a viable alternative to alcohol. Along with that reduced stigma comes the creation of new jobs and new investment entering the economy.  

“Everyone’s really excited for what’s next, where can we do other manufacturing, where can we bring new industries to the province. We have the space, we have the land, the skilled workforce eager to get back to work. It’s just a matter of putting the pieces together.” 

Check out the audio file above to listen to the full interview. 


Thank you to the Edmonton Journal for covering the announcement of our processing licence. In the piece, Keenan speaks about Token’s journey over the past few years as we worked towards obtaining a licence. 

“We were doing a lot of research, consulting, and building design, and that was how we operated for the last three years.” – Keenan Pascal, CEO 

Keenan highlights the importance of keeping the company as local as possible, including ensuring that the majority of investors are Albertan. He also highlights the opportunities in the cannabis manufacturing space and how Token found our niche within the Canadian market.  

“We’re excited about this new wave in the cannabis industry… We’re really excited to be an Edmonton story.” 


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