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Proprietary System

An extraction system that requires less input and yields more output. The power to produce more, without sacrificing on quality or purity.

Diversified Design

A modified ethanol-forward system complemented with additional extraction techniques for diversity of results, with more precision. Higher output, cleaner end product.

Alberta Proud

Our home base in central Edmonton, built and run by local partners who share our city and province.

Expansion Ready

Located on a 60,000 square foot lot, the most centrally-located cannabis processing facility in Edmonton. Placed intentionally in an industrial area with lots of room to grow.

Sustainable System

Built with the future in mind. Our system can collect a higher yield from biomass, which means less energy use and less wasteful leftovers.

Green Machine

More of the good output, and less of the bad. An extraction system that can produce a higher yield through sustainability measures.

Our home base is an extraction and refinement facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Located on a 60,000 square foot lot, the facility is the most centrally-located cannabis processing facility in Edmonton, placed intentionally in an industrial area with lots of room to expand.

Together with local engineers, we have developed an extraction process that is more efficient than the current industry standards. This system will be the first fully designed and engineer-stamped extraction system of its kind in Canada.

It gives us, and our partners, the power to produce more without sacrificing on quality and purity. Higher yields and better productivity rates mean less energy input and more yield output.

We’ve paired an efficient, improved ethanol system with a range of additional extraction and refinement techniques so that we can deliver a diversity of final products with precision and customization.

Reduced Energy

Intentional system optimizations allow us to use heating and cooling more efficiently, in order to use less power and reduce the energy expended in the extraction process.


Waste Diversion

With less biomass required for input, less waste output is produced. What is left over is redirected to composts in the area to create better soil for the region.


Reuse of Materials

Our system is designed to recapture materials and solvents for reuse, reducing waste and minimizing time between batches.