Mimosa Orange Punch

Token Craft

Rotating artisanal small batch flower, grown by Canada’s microcultivators. Created to highlight the country’s talented growers and unique cultivars, and to get more small craft batches into Canadian stores.


  • THC: 26-28%
  • Terpenes: 4.06%
    1. Myrcene
    2. trans-Ocimene
    3. alpha-Cedrene
    4. Linalool
  • Lineage: Mimosa Evo x Orange Punch

What's inside

This Indica dominant cultivar was grown in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta by microcultivator Into the Weeds, and freshly harvested from living soil.

Offered in a 7g post-consumer recyclable bag

Like all Token Craft cultivars, this bud was selected for its premium quality and artisanal treatment. While our grower partners rotate, Token Craft batches will always deliver the consistent quality found in bud grown with passionate care, offering a minimum of 25% THC.

All of our Craft flower has been hand treated; our microcultivator partners interact with their plants by hand every day. Each small batch was specialty grown, flushed, hand harvested, hang dried, hand trimmed, and cured to maintain the best flavour and experience.

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