Token Alberta Milled

Token Alberta Flower

Rotating single cultivars of specially selected Alberta-grown indica, sativa and hybrid dominant buds. Grown and produced right here in Alberta: this is the Token Alberta Flower.


  • THC: 18-26% (mid-range potential)

What's inside

Offered in Indica, Sativa & Hybrid

Recyclable 5g bag
Full potency, full terpene content

Token Alberta Milled flower will always deliver the same premium quality and a consistent potency with mid-range THC potential (18-26% THC). Whole flower is trimmed, then milled and kept fresh, ready to roll, pack or vape. We test potency after milling to make sure neither potency nor terpenes are lost during the process.

Token Alberta Milled comes in a 5-gram bag to dip your toe into the water or try something new with low commitment.

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