Welcome to Token

Hi there.

You’ve seen the About page on our site, so you know what we are. You’ve probably stopped by the Team page, so you know who we are. If you’re on this page, chances are you’d like to know a little bit more. Perhaps you have more questions, such as:

Why are we here?

To create enjoyable experiences for Canadians who use cannabis as a part of a well-rounded life. We know that the lifestyles of Canadians will be improved through the legalization of cannabis, and we’re here to make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone. 

What are we all about?

Research & Innovation: We aim for continual innovation in the technology behind our products. We also value research, equally in the form of individual experience and from larger studies.

Cultivating community: Community is the most important thing to this team. We take pride in having strong roots in the Alberta community and in staying involved with all the different sectors of the Canadian cannabis community.

Providing education: We really want to educate consumers about cannabis and empower them to make selective decisions with that knowledge.

Ensuring positive impact: We know the expanded use of cannabis will improve the well-being of Canadians. When used responsibly, cannabis enhances a well-rounded life. We’re here to make a positive mark with cannabis and provide consumers with the information they need to have dependably awesome experiences.

Where else can you find us?

For now, visit us on LinkedIn!

That’s a little bit about us. Stick around to learn more.