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Ready to Put Products on Shelves

On December 21st, Token was awarded a Sales Amendment from Health Canada.

Ready to Put Products on Shelves

Token Naturals awarded a Sales Amendment from Health Canada 


Token is excited to share that on December 21st Health Canada amended our existing Standard Processing licence to include a Sales Amendment. This means we can now sell cannabis products to retailers and consumers across Canada and have crossed the final regulatory step required to bring cannabis products to market. 

This amendment will play an important role in bringing our vision for the cannabis community to life. It has always been our mission to reduce barriers to market entry and create greater access. This licence amendment will allow us to do that by helping more people participate in the industry.

So, what can you expect from Token in 2022? We plan to leverage our newly amended licence immediately for our white label partners and for our own product lines. We can now officially receive orders for our product lines. You can expect to see Token on the shelves very soon.

Once again, we want to thank our investors, our supporters and our community for helping us achieve this final regulatory hurdle. Don’t worry – we plan to return the favour by providing you with high-quality products made with consumers in mind. We look forward to an exciting and busy year.

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Token Naturals awarded Sales Amendment from Health Canada 


  • Amendment to Standard Processing Licence allows the company to sell cannabis products to provincially authorized retailers and holders of a licence for sale for medical purposes 
  • Efficient and adaptive processing facility equipped to manufacture and commercialize consumer products with industry-leading margins 


EDMONTON, AB, December 22, 2021 – Token Naturals Ltd. (“Token Naturals“, ”Token”) has announced that on December 21st Health Canada amended the company’s existing Standard Processing licence with a Sales Amendment. This amendment allows for the sale of cannabis products to retailers and consumers across Canada and marks the final regulatory step required to bring cannabis products to market. In addition to being fully licensed to manufacture and process cannabis at its central Edmonton facility, the privately-owned company is now permitted to sell cannabis products directly to provincial distributors, retailers in select provinces and medical patients nationwide. 

Token intends to immediately leverage the amended licence by expanding services to its private label manufacturing partners, creating a path to market that puts its partners’ products onto retail shelves. Token will also use the amendment to sell its own branded product lines, designed for Canadian consumers. 

“This Sales Amendment is a huge step forward in bringing our vision for the cannabis community to life,” shared Keenan Pascal, CEO of Token Naturals. “It’s always been our mission to reduce the barriers to market entry and create greater access, and this licence amendment allows us to help more people participate in the industry. We can now provide our white label partners with a full-service offering that begins with formulation and ends on retail shelves.”  

Token’s facility was built as an efficient and adaptive processing space, designed with the goal to operate at industry-leading efficiencies and margins. The company currently offers private label manufacturing of cannabis and is equipped to produce oils, tinctures, topicals, rosin, vapes, edibles and pre-rolls. In addition, the company offers formulation, filling, packaging and trimming; now, it has rounded out that comprehensive list of services with the ability to commercialize partners’ products.   

In addition to providing white label manufacturing and commercialization, Token plans to release its own consumer lines of cannabis products in the new year. It is now preparing to enter the market with THC drink mixers, complimenting the increasingly popular beverage additives space.  

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About Token Naturals 

Token Naturals Ltd. is an Edmonton-based independent cannabis company creating products for companies and consumers. With a Standard Processing licence from Health Canada, Token’s central Edmonton facility focuses on the manufacturing and commercialization of extract and edible products.   



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