C-TRIBE – Conversations About Cannabis

It may have become increasingly apparent that Token is big on supporting our community. So, when the organizers of Edmonton-based C Tribe Festival approached us about participating in their four-day festival, the team jumped on board. In mid-November, C Tribe showcased the best of Canadian innovation and creativity in a series of panels and industry conversations throughout downtown Edmonton. Token team members spoke at three breakout sessions during the Cannabis Deep Drive Track, covering a range of topics across the landscape of cannabis in Canada today.


Token Tells All

Our CEO, Keenan Pascal, and CTO, Cameron O’Neil, led an industry presentation that gave a deeper look into the Token story and shared what Token thinks is next for Canadian cannabis. The presentation and subsequent question period touched on the business and the science of cannabis, and discussed the Cannabis Act, infused products, market trends and cannabis customers.


The Big Social Experiment

Keenan then took part in a discussion on the legalization of cannabis in Canada as one of the biggest social experiments in modern history. As they discussed, Alberta has the potential to be a leader in the cannabis industry, with business-friendly laws, low-cost resources, a strong labour pool and available land. The panel spoke about the economic, social and cultural impacts this could have on the province and ways that its citizens, businesses and government can collaborate to become a powerful global leader in the industry. Keenan was joined by Katie Pringle of Marigold PR and Katrina Ingram, COO of Cannabis at Work.


Defeating Stigma Around Marijuana

Cam joined Director of Development Jamie Shtay on a panel titled ‘Defeating Stigma Around Marijuana.’ Jamie and Cam talked about the deep history of cannabis, how it is influencing the next boom of commerce in Canada, and why we should look at cannabis through a positive lens nationwide. They were in good company, joined on the panel by moderator David Howe, Community Manager at Aurora, and Dale Schaub, cannabis lead for Business Link, a non-profit funded by the Alberta government that helps Albertans start businesses.

The panel discussed the perceptions of medical use versus recreational use. As they outlined, we must be willing to address the stigma that has plagued cannabis. The panel agreed that this sort of healthy dialogue is the first step to overcoming a history of persecution and ostracization around usage of the plant.

Thank you to all who joined us at C-Tribe, and to the team who organized the thought-provoking event. Have an upcoming event? We’d love to join, so reach out and we’ll spread the news.