Our submission to BC’s stakeholder engagement

Earlier this year, the British Columbia government reached out to stakeholders to ask for their opinions on the soon-to-be-structured provincial cannabis regulatory system. As an active participant in the cannabis conversation, Token was asked to contribute a submission that shared their views on regulatory issues still up for debate. Although we currently operate in Alberta, we felt it important to contribute to the larger Canadian conversation in an effort to bring the national cannabis community closer together.

We chose to contribute our opinion on distribution and retail models. It is our opinion that the most effective retail and distribution system would include provincially regulated distribution centres and privately owned retail outlets. This is the system that the Alberta government has chosen to use.

In short, we outlined that we:

  • Support government warehousing and distribution of cannabis to retailers in BC, which means that the BC government would purchase cannabis from federally licensed producers and then supply that cannabis to private retailers
  • Support privately owned retail outlets, rather than provincially owned retail centres
  • Do not support co-location with alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals, which means that we do not think that cannabis should be sold in the same places as those substances

We were pleased to see that, after taking all of the submissions into account, the BC government has declared that:

  • The provincial government will be solely in charge of the distribution to retailers
  • A mix of government-owned and private-sector stores will sell cannabis, in a way similar to BC liquor stores
  • They have yet to decide on the co-location of cannabis with substances such as alcohol and pharmaceuticals

To read through Token’s full submission, click here.