Do yourself
a favour.

Cannabis-infused drink mixers, to add flavour wherever you want more of it.

Canada’s first cannabis drink shot made for mixing.

Flavour-forward with a juicy base, plus 10 mg of nano-emulsified THC for a fast-acting, sessionable drink that actually tastes good. Water soluble, so you can add it to your favourite beverages, hot or cold. Do yourself a Favour. Mix in some flavour.

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Ready to drink up or mix in.


Juicy, fresh peach packed with the satisfying taste of real fruit plus THC you won’t even taste. Drop it in, mix it up, and give yourself a cheers!

+ 10mg THC per bottle

+ Iced tea
+ Orange juice
+ Herbal teas


Raspberry-forward with a juicy background of berries, mixed easily into any liquid to create classic or custom beverages for cocktail connoisseurs of all kinds.

+ 10mg THC per bottle

+ Lemonade
+ Fruit smoothie
+ Alcohol-free mulled wine


A distinctly delicious and bright, citrus-forward lemon without the pucker. Drink as a shot for convenience or mix into your drink for enjoyment.

+ 10mg THC per bottle

+ Sparkling water
+ Black teas
+ Mock mojito


Think that classic crisp green apple that perfectly balances tart and sweet. Made with juice, natural flavours and a cannabis formulation that eliminates cannabis taste and smell.

+ 10mg THC per bottle

+ Ginger beer
+ Raspberry juice
+ Apple cider

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